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SaniQuest is a manufacturer of products for keeping your hands clean, and our mission is 'Taking Care of People'

We manufacture portable hand washing and sanitation systems. From our portable hand washing stations and sanitization stands, to our range of bulk-fill dispensers, our products were specifically created to help fight the Covid 19 and Coronavirus pandemic. Whether it is for your education, medical, construction or retail facility, our sanitation products are both durable and flexible in the most demanding of work environments.

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Portable wash station header

  • Available in 3 models: Basic, Warm Water, and Premium
  • Heavy stainless steel construction with locking swivel casters
  • Gravity fed cold water system – no plumbing or electrical supply requirements (Basic unit)
  • Easy to clean for maximum protection against
  • Holders for soap and/or hand sanitizer, gloves, paper towels and garbage bags
  • Quick-click attachments can be located in various areas on the unit for greater convenience
  • Premium model is touchless for greater protection 

Hand sanitization stands header

  • Sleek design looks great in any environment
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction with textured powder coating - hides smudges and makes for easy cleaning
  • Can mount up to (4) touchless TD100 dispensers making it perfect for high traffic areas
  • Hidden storage area for a 4 litre (1 Gal) refill jug
  • Click-on brackets for easy dispenser removal
  • Available options include garbage can, towel and wipes dispensers, branded signage

bulk fill dispensers

  • Save up to $10 or more per fill vs cartridge systems
  • Touchless and manual versions available
  • For use with bulk soap or hand sanitizer (liquid or gel)
  • Wall mount or use with SaniQuest mobile sinks or sanitization stands




Heated tank for
warm water washing


Water supply
auto-fill system

Touchless Water shut off

Touchless hands
free faucet

Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless Soap and
sanitizer dispensers